AirWander is a combination flight metasearch engine that specializes in adding multi-day stopovers.

This is the 1st flight search tool to take advantage of advanced algorithms that help you plan more adventure in any trip.

Search for flights now on!

A stopover is a break in a journey for 24 hours or more, as compared to a layover which ranges from 0-24 hours.

Often times in the terms extended layover or long layover, are confused with stopovers, but are actually just long transfers that are less 24 hours in a location.

AirWander’s stopovers are the combination of optimal flights arranged according to the origin, destination, take-off date, and intended number of days to spend in the desired stopover location.

Yes, all prices shown include taxes and fees.

This can sometimes be done on the flight-booking page that we redirect you to for booking.

If that option is not available, it can also often be done on the Airlines website once you have booking confirmation number/reservation number go directly to the Airlines website and login, then go to upcoming reservation section and add your flight.

If that doesn’t work, it can always be done at the ticketing counter (prior to security check) when you arrive to the airport.

Yes, this technique is 100% legal and safe.

You will need to be sure to pick up any checked baggage between connections.

If you add multiple days in a stopover then this shouldn’t be an issue, as you probably need your packed items.

If you book a multiple ticket itinerary for a flight without multiple days, prior to booking be sure that the connection time is enough for you to feel comfortable doing the following:

  • Picking up checked baggage
  • Exiting customs
    • [Be sure you can legally enter country without advanced visa]
  • Possibly transferring airports
    • [see 3 letter airport abbreviations to see if they match]
  • Re-checking baggage
  • Going through security and customs a second time

AirWander automatically leave a minimum of 5 hours for this process when building multi-ticketing layovers.

If you do experience an issue, we are greatly sorry and would like to know what happend, so that we can improve this in the future. Please let us know what happened at

No issues have been reported yet, so no worries 🙂

You are an independent traveler, and you will be fine. Just be prepared ahead of time, and be responsible with your time during flight transit.

** Disclaimer** AirWander is not liable/responsible for any visa, baggage,  missed flights, or any other misfortunes that may arise due to multi-ticketing booking.

A flight combination is an itinerary composed of multiple flight bookings.

On the booking page you will see multiple flights shown with multiple book buttons. This allows for AirWander to create a simulated free economic market for all airlines to compete for pricing. Each of them is a separate flight booking. Click all the ‘book’ buttons and confirm that all flights are still available before booking any of them. If one of the flights happens to be unavailable – do another search with different date

Combining flights allows for AirWander to create a simulated free economic market for all airlines to compete for pricing and gives travelers the opportunity for stopovers!

AirWander was built by travelers for travelers.

Ela and Douglas (the founders) are were inspired on an 8-month South American backpacking trip where they added additional countries to their trip while saving money on flights.  After that point they always added stopovers and became flight hacking experts. Using spreadsheets and guessing on combinations, it was obvious that this technique could not perfected  without the use of machine learning/AI. They realized that combining flights manually was also very time consuming so automation of this technique became their focus in life. It is now easy for anyone to book using this strategy, and travelers can now know that all routes possible and available flight deals are taken into consideration booking any flight. 

Today, nearly 3 years after starting on development AirWander has become the smartest tool to help you find stopovers that will create savings.

We hope you have a chance to enjoy this beautiful world and spread love to all and be brave traveling into the unknown! The World is filled with good people that you can depend on.

AirWander is solely owned by QuestOrganizer, Inc.

AirWander is the second version of this project, a less-functional version called QuestOrganizer went live in February 2015. We saw a lot of interest in this stopover application. So, we started on the stealth development of AirWander, which was successful!

We are happy to have launched this Beta of AirWander and hope that you enjoy your experience!

AirWander automated a multi-booking method. This is based on a savvy travelers flight booking method. It involves a lot of guessing and excel sheets, and time searching.

This technique is well described on SavoredJourneys blog post “How to Book a Free Stopover”.

AirWander makes it quick and easy to know the cost difference of different stopover options. It finds free stopover options that are based your destinations and travel dates.

Our seed round will begin early 2017. We are looking for accredited investors only.

If you would like to learn more please contact us at:

For the past 2 years 10 months AirWander has been bootstrapped.

We really appreciate everyone that report bugs and errors, as it helps us make AirWander better for everyone.

If you encounter something unusal, please describe the issue, take a screenshot, send the url the issues occurred on. If possible please provide your browser version, and which operating system you use (Windows, iOS, Linux, ect).

The more we know about the bug the easier it is to repair it.

Send all details to

We will get back to you ASAP, and start developing a fix.

Thank you! – Douglas and Ela